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Version control with Git

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Learning pathway written by:

  • Alessandra Villa
  • Marta Lloret Llinares


competency [at] ebi.ac.uk

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How to use version control code Git to track and manage changes to software code



Following this pathway, you can learn about version control, a practice of tracking and managing changes to software code, the use of version control code Git and the internet hosting services for version control. 

The aim is to give you an indication of the level of complexity of the computational techniques and knowledge required to keep track of one did and when, but also to collaboratively work a document or  to actively contribute to open-source project. Parts of the pathway focus specifically on internet hosting services GitHub and how to properly share creative works (licence and citation).

General outcomes

After going through this learning pathway you should be able to:

  • Explain the concept behind version control.
  • Use version control with git to track file/directories changes. 
  • Collaborate on a project and solve conflict.
  • Operate with the internet hosting services GitHub.


In this learning pathway we use Git from the Unix Shell. Some previous experience with the shell is expected, but isn’t mandatory.

Have a look at the Unix Shell module to test your familiarity with Unix Shell.