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About this pathway

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An overview of Jupyter Notebooks
Code cells and IPython
Using other programming languages
Markdown cells
Raw cells and nbconvert
Good practice
Example usage

The learning pathway consists of 5 main modules:

  • And overview of Jupyter notebooks
  • Code cells
  • Markdown cells 
  • Raw cells
  • Good practice

The first module consists of a course about Jupyter notebooks which introduces what they are and how to use them.

The second module, Code cells, covers using Ipython and other programming languages within your Jupyter Notebook.

The third module introduces markdown cells and formatting your documentation.

The fourth module, raw cells, introduces binder, the nbconvert module and converting your Jupyter notebook to other formats for sharing with others.

Finally, the fifth module focuses on good practice and provides a live example showcasing how a notebook can be used in your work.